Annika Broman, candidate nr 664


Looking into a better future

Environment and construction

We in Espoo love our city and the possibilites it offers. We live here because we have it all: high-quality services, great outdoor opportunities, the desired form of living for each taste. In the future, we must have the same opportunities and that must not be endangered by the development of Espoo when building new residential areas or other construction. Let us continue to make sure that we build residential areas, housing and jobs in Espoo in such a way that we get new taxpayers here, but we do not lose the features that make Espoo important to us.

Sustainable economy

Many things are challenging and uncertain in the municipal economy today. What does the changes in social- and healthcare bring with it and how do we take into consideration the larger number of aging residents in the future? How do we ensure that the expanding compulsory education is implemented in a high-quality and meaningful way? What do the services look like in the future in Espoo? Financial decisions must be made with a long-term perspective and enable Espoo's future well-being. 


Circular economy and nature

We in Espoo enjoy nature and now nature needs our help more than ever before. Construction is a sector where nature must be taken into account, natural values ​​can no longer be ignored in economic decisionmaking and, in addition, the circular economy should be a natural part of our daily lives on a personal and municipal level.